Unleashing the Eyedirect!

Voltaic Media

voltaic:  the production of electrical energy by chemical action

Voltaic Media strives to create lightning in a bottle, creating digital stories that draw energy from the chemistry that exists between compelling people and ideas.  The mission of Voltaic is to bring together excellent visual storytelling talent in Chicago to create films that inspire and invigorate.

Digital storytelling is fulfilling the promise of the internet: to bring people closer together in an interwoven network of people and ideas. The world is indeed shrinking. There is more than a technological revolution at hand.

Nick Martin

Voltaic is also the new home of Chicago-based Director, DP, and all-around-filmmaker Nick Martin, formerly of NickMartinFilm.com.  Over more than ten years of work across the world Nick has developed a broad scope of production and storytelling experience.

Through his extensive and eclectic background creating strong visual stories Nick has developed an approach that unearths the best in each project.   He loves his work, from producing and shooting documentary films to shooting and editing narrative comedies, from designing online video marketing solutions to shooting stylized interviews. For his clients, this background means an individualized and tailored video solution to each production.

Beyond the production of his work, Nick handles post-production in all capacities. A background in audio and music production also offers clients the opportunity to customize music for their video work.

Core Beliefs

The philosophy at Voltaic is rooted in the belief that a good story and a thought-provoking narrative is the best way to communicate personality and ideas.    

Everyone's heard the cliche "content is king".   Though it pains me to perpetuate the phrase, it's impossible to deny its truth.   Audiences today are constantly bombarded  by a mind-boggling array of choices.  There's no such thing as a captive audience anymore.  Now more than ever, strong and compelling content is a must.   

Enough with marketing "at" an audience.  Forward-thinking brands seek more than simple engagement with their audience.  They seek the kind of  rapport that sustains over the long-term.   Analytics have consistently have shown what many of us have long known: that video is the most effective way for companies and brands to get their voice out in the world, speaking directly to clients, partners, and consumers.   

No two projects are the same.  Each story needs to be approached with a fresh and creative eye.   Everyone has a different story to tell and each story has its own innate energy and voice.   Voltaic Media exists to find that energy within a project and harness it, bringing together talented collaborators to produce exceptional films.  

Voltaic handles production from development through to delivery, collaborating with clients through the whole process to ensuring that their videos reflect their mission. 


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